The Ealing Micropub Mile Has Landed!

The Dodo Micropub – 2 Weeks In

The Dodo Micropub, Hanwell

Somehow, despite the builders being grossly overdue on work completion and me still not fully understanding my till system or how best to control stock levels, the Ealing Micropub Mile is officially here! We had a little soft launch on Saturday 28th January which wasn’t really soft in any way. It was quite frankly mental (in a good way)!

My local CAMRA branch members were nice and early in fear of the queues to get in, I laughed that off thinking that was a ridiculous notion and commended their enthusiasm and support as I apologised for climbing up on my benches to manically scribble the beer menu on the board a mere few minutes before official opening. Well, they know their stuff these CAMRA oracles and as the afternoon trickled along to the evening there were people bloody everywhere!! All seats and standing room was taken down to the last inch of free space and people had been making several attempts to get in throughout the day! We were full, more full than we could have ever imagined and all our amazing friends who came down for a drink and “quick” hello were drafted in as unpaid help with the intense schedule of glass washing and serving of beer. Thank you Raman, Sami, Chris, Jimmy, Ros and Andrew – you absolutely saved our bacon!

Week 1 down, no time to stop and think about anything other than my greatest fear of running out of beer becoming a reality! 15 casks of beer were drained in a week, some barrels went in a matter of hours! We had a rather embarrassing Tuesday night service where we had to move people on to our bottle / can stock. Thank heavens for my bottle fridge and thank God for local breweries Long Arm and Weird Beard for sorting me out.

It has been a whirlwind and the support has been great and quite overwhelming! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for turning up and supporting my little business venture. Also, thank you for bearing with us too as we are still in soft launch mode, making plenty of mistakes, learning a hundred new things every day and still refining the process as we go. Need to nail the till / stock system, implement a few more processes along the way, get my snacks offering sorted and keep the awesome beer line up coming. For those who have witnessed full house and a busy period of glass washing by hand … yes, I cannot wait for the day when I can afford a glass washer!!

Week 2 done and I finally have a bit of time to write a blog post, work on my marketing (many years of experience out the window when it comes to my own business!!) and have a solid day of admin without panicking about beer deliveries or dealing with unexpected leaks. The reality of it all is finally settling in and I am loving it!! Thanks again!


Ealing Micropub Mile 

So enough of me brain-dumping on how my first 2 weeks of soft launch has been. Something very important has happened as a result of me finally getting up and running – the Ealing Micropub Mile has officially been born!

Some of you already know about it as I’ve had people come to me from The Owl & The Pussycat and vice versa – which is great! Props to the group in at the weekend who were down from Nottinghamshire who sought out my micropub as one of their final stops on their London pub tour and also merrily made their way over to Mark & Paul’s place before jumping on a train back – A+ for effort!!

In it together, there is a new movement in the borough of Ealing … independent, small beer businesses flying the flag for a damn good pint and putting community and conversation at the heart of what we do. At one end of the micropub mile, there’s me, The Dodo Micropub in Hanwell, W7. I exists as a micropub in it’s truest form, I don’t brew my own beer (my home-brew is just not that good) and instead source the best beer available from local and regional micro-breweries producing the finest craft beer you can find in the land!

At the other end, a mere 20-25 minute stroll through some pleasant residential roads, you’ll find The Owl & The Pussycat in Northfields, W13. Mark & Paul are a micro-brew-pub and brew all their beers on site ready for serving 20 steps from grain to glass. The beers are really good – really, really good and Mark and Paul have created and successfully launched the micropub revolution north of the river.

For those not in the know, here’s a little route map I’ve created to help you discover The Micropub Mile. I’ve also listed The Fox (my local and West Middlesex CAMRA Pub of the Year several times over) and The Grosvenor as they are also well worth a visit if a pub discovery walk is on the cards for you.


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  1. Great stuff Lucy, I would also add the anyone doing the Ealing MPM could also drop into The Forester, another good boozer, friendly and serious about good beer and you almost walk past it after the Grosvenor on the way to the OaP.
    Steve & Cath.

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