Hanwell Hootie 2017

Keep it down guys and get ready for the quietest riot of your life! This Saturday 6th May sees the 5th Hanwell Hootie taking place across our very own Hanwell Town!

For those of you who don’t know, Hanwell Hootie is a massive free music festival bringing live music back to the home of the legendary Marshall Amplification. In honour of Jim Marshall, the Father of Loud!

Last year I was volunteering at the Hootie and the atmosphere was electric! It’s such a fab community event!! Party poopers need not apply, get back to watching Quantum Leap or something similar! This year, I’m hosting my very own fringe event (with a twist). Slight hiccup with the plan, we are not allowed live music or amplified sound in The Dodo Micropub – Doh! But fear not and get ready to go crazy with Headphone Hootie, aka Silent Disco, aka the quietest home of loud venue in Hanwell!

Headphone Hootie!

Headphone Hootie aka Silent Disco! The headphones actually light up!

There’ll be 2 channels to choose from. Grab a pair of headphones and rock on! :

  1. Official Hanwell Hootie channel – Listen to the Hootie bands, warm up before you see them live or re-live their performance via your own personal head-set
  2. Classic Rock Anthems channel – Get your air guitar game on and rock out to the biggest and best anthems to have ever been created!

I may have ordered some inflatable guitars ….

Beer Line Up – No Crap On Tap!

We have a special beer line up for the Hootie. We are keeping it simple but still keeping it deliciously crafty and still keeping it real (ale).

  • Beer on tap
    Pig & Porter – Ashburnham Pale Ale
    Long Arm Brewery – IPA OK
  • Beer in the fridge
    Two Tribes Brewery – Island Records Session IPA
    Two Tribes Brewery – Island Records Jamaica Porter

Prosecco and wine (Malbec and Pinot Grigio) are also available just in case you don’t drink beer!

See you on Saturday and shhhhhhhhhhh, keep the noise down!

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