Lease Completed – We Are In!

Just squeezing in a very quick update before Christmas is here and it’s time to see in 2017.  In case you missed it over on social media, I now have keys to 52 Boston Road, we are officially in!!

I’ve finally completed on the lease and the aim is to be open by the end of January 2017 so fingers crossed all my planning and re-negotiating with now busy builders goes well.


Pop Up Fun

Thanks to all who came along to the pop up events throughout December. They were great fun and gave me a little eye-opener into what life might be like running The Dodo. Loved having people stop by for a drink and a chat and meeting fellow traders. The atmosphere was great and the support was very much appreciated. Hope the gifts go down well for those that bought beer presents and for those who just bought beer for themselves, if you have any left enjoy!


One of my many highlights from the popup events was meeting people who I hope will become future locals. If you remember my post mentioning fellow Hanwell-ians waving me down on a dog walk to tell me they’ve been waiting 28 years for me to open then you might appreciate the below as much as I do.

John and Shangol (yes, I now have names!) were the first customers at Saturday night’s pop up and gave us this lovely card with a superb message in it! So very lovely! To semi-quote the message – yes, I may have missed opening by the 25th but this just means we all get a second Noel in January!

Looking forward to it!


Right, Alex is demanding I stop work now and I also have to do a last minute Xmas Eve run to the supermarket!  So, that’s it, tools down for now. It’s time for some family time in Brentford and Hanwell, plenty of fizz and a few too many beers!!

Merry Christmas and here’s to a very exciting 2017! x



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