Planning Permission Granted – The Dodo Micropub is coming to Hanwell!

It’s official, after a 3 month delay beyond my original determination deadline (which was 15th July) I have finally been granted planning permission to bring The Dodo Micropub to Hanwell, Ealing! On discovering the news I’d waited so long for, I was partly really excited but mostly just relieved to finally have a green light to get on with my plan.


It’s been an interesting journey along the way. An absolute roller coaster from when I first got serious about bringing the micropub concept to West London in September 2015, to now being able to turn the dream into a reality in October 2016.

There were certainly challenges along the way. A fair amount of objections from people not really familiar or on-board with the concept of a micropub, misunderstanding it for some lewd alcoholic-vomit den (!), my premise license was brought to a public hearing in August and then there was an anxious 12 weeks of constantly chasing the council’s planning department to get the decision on my change of use . My case officer will certainly be pleased to see the back of me!

Thanks to those who’ve supported me

It’s terribly cheesy, so brace yourselves but among all the sleepless nights, it was the support from those who were on-board with the concept that kept me going and fueled my determination not to give up. Fellow micropub owners have been amazing, CAMRA members have been kindly encouraging and actively enthusiastic, lots of locals have taken the time to send me messages of support via email, social media or my website and my land lord has been a saint and so very patient with all the delays. Luckily the positive feedback always out-weighed the negative and one of my greatest fist-pump moments came when a lovely gentleman stopped me whilst walking the dog to tell me he’d been waiting 28 years for something like The Dodo Micropub to open up in Hanwell! What a charmer!

Next steps, when’s the opening?

So what now? When’s the opening? Well, now the real fun starts and the realisation of all the things I need to do are kicking in. My solicitor has been instructed to steam ahead with the lease agreement and once that is done then I can get in and start the fit out work. Having already experienced so many delays along the way, I am really keen to get up and running as soon as possible so watch this space for further developments. I’ll definitely be shouting from the rooftops when I’m close to flinging my doors open!

I really can’t wait to get going now and look forward to the grand opening! Cheers to that!!


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